This year, in the month of April, I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Moscow. To the gates of the World Cup, I want to be practical to give you some travel tips for the capital of the Eurasian country.  I hope these experiences can help you anyway in anytime. The most important thing, to take into account, is the language. Russian has a different alphabet and there are no many signals in English around the city. However, this fact could be exciting for travelers, a new adventure to enjoy in the midst of the football crowd.

Somewhere in Moscow
Here we go with the tips:

1) Before your departure and with the documents ready to go, check if it’s easy to exchange currencies in your country of origin. The currency in Russia is the ruble, so if the exchange is a difficulty, just bring dollars or euros to make it there. The equivalent conversion from dollars to rubles is 1USD equals 63 rubles. From Euro to rubles is1 EURO equals 74 rubles aproximately (12 of June 2018).

2) At migration, in the airport, keep an eye on the screens in front of you. These screens show how to bring the passport to the officer. In addition, I highly recommend printing the address of your stay in Moscow. The international airports of Moscow are Domodedovo DME), Sheremetyevo   (SVO)   and   Vnukovo (VKO).

Walking around the center of Moscow

3) At the airport and with the luggage already with you, connect to WIFI, in case you have the uber application. Anyway, you have the alternative of taking taxi, train (Aero express) or bus. Here the link to see the best option for you:

4) Depending on the stay you choose and the location where you are (airbnb, hostel, hotel, etc.), to manage the distance to the center, the stadiums and other touristic places, you will need to take the metro, the tramway or the bus in order to arrive. My advice to you is to buy enough tickets to move around the city. In the links below you can download Yandex, the free metro application of Moscow and the map. Read about the best metro stations to visit, they are amazing, a touristic attraction to go:

Kiyevskaya - Киевская - Metro Station

5) If you find difficulties to communicate in English, you definitely should buy a Sim Card to facilitate your live. In case you need to translate to Russian, this option is going to   solve   the   communication troubles. Two months ago, the card's price was between 300 to 600 rubles, which includes enough data and minutes for a month. This is a good choice, if you are in a group and one day you decide to make different plans. This is the easiest way to navigate and to communicate with other people. The only thing you need to buy a SimCard is an ID with your photo.

6) Don’t forget to bring a power adaptor with you. The voltage in Russia is 220V and the frequency is 50 Hz. Don´t get confuse with a converter of energy. I guess it’s easy to find an adapter in a good price at your home country. Finally, don´t forget your adapter in case you run out of battery. There are plugs in the metro stations, restaurants, food courts, etc.

Historic Center of Moscow
7) In the links above, you can find the most important touristic attractions of Moscow. Going to Moscow and not to visit the Kremlin, the Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Red Square, the State Historical Museum, the Bolshoi Theatre, The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, The Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Gorky Park and other awesome attractions, is like not having been in the city and much less having felt it. If you have enough time to visit the modern part of Moscow, go to “the City”, the modern skyscraper complex. Moscow is a historical city with an enriching architecture. Benefit yourself of being there and if you wish, take the cruise of the Moskva River and live it to the top.

One of The Seven Sisters building and the Moskva River
Outside The Bolshoi Theater
The City of Moscow
8) Finally, if what you love is related to art, then you should go to the parks, galleries and museums. To start, go to visit the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy VDNKh, a grandiose center of attractions developed in the Soviet period. It has big pavilions decorated with sculptures, mosaics and frescoes. It’s a shame that the complex park was under repair when I went to visit. However, I trust the buildings are renovated and ready because of the Worldwide Cup coming. I am sure the public is expectant and anxious to get to know it. At least, I had the opportunity to enter to the Cosmonautics Museum to see Belka and Strelka, two of the most famous surviving cosmonaut dogs in Soviet history. 
Cosmonautics Museum

The art map of Moscow is impressive. If you want to begin with classical Russian art; you should go ahead with the  bastion of fine arts,  it means, the Tetriakov Gallery. On it you can learn about an unconventional artist of that period. He is Míjail Vrúbel (1856 – 1910), a Russian artist who is defined by the symbolist movement, the Russian native art, the Byzantine and the Western influences. 

Outside Tetryakovskaya Metro Station

If your taste is related to modern art of the Twentieth Century, you must visit the New Tetryakov Gallery located on the Moscova’s River banks. In this place you can find Russian modern artists such as Kazimir Malévich, Wassily Kandinski,  Marc Chagall, Natalia Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov. 

Vera Mukhina (1889 - 1953) at the New Tetryakov Museum
 Julia - Юлия - (1925)

The New Tetryakov Museum
If your wish is to find an art museum, which hosts major international exhibitions of Russian contemporary artists; the chosen residence is the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Gogolevsky 10 (MMoMA). This is a splendid space near to the Pushkin Square, where the statue of the Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin is standed; the one considered as the founder of modern Russian literature.

Leonid Sokov (1941 - 2018) at the MMoMA
 Love + Dyque (2016)

VLADEY 11 Spring Auction - MMoMA -
Last but not least, if what makes you passionate about art is the contemporary art, don’t forget to visit the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. This fascinating construction located inside the Gorky Park, is full of exhibitions of contemporary art greats, lectures and  screenings, plus a well-stocked library with little details to fall in love. Check this link: 

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art


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